We are fast.
When you click below and get started, it takes us around a week to get all of your content created and to get new posts up on your page. From that point forward, you’re going to see new content hitting your page 2x a day. New content starts posting within 7 days and your “page makeover” typically is done within 2 weeks.

No. It’s exactly the right amount.
You have to keep in mind that your page’s fans won’t be seeing every post that we push live. If we post 2x a day (7 days a week), you average Facebook page fan will only see 1-2 of those post. This posting frequency ensures that you satisfy the Facebook algorithm and have maximum opportunity to get in front of your audience (while still showing new visitors that you are absolutely on top of your page).

PLEASE NOTE: Because you’re the administrator of your page, you’ll see a higher number of your page’s posts in your newsfeed.
(you audience won’t see as many posts as you do).

Only if you want to!
We have some clients that like to have a contract in place when they get started with our services. We can provide that and get everything ready for you.

That said…
If you hate contracts as much as most of clients (and don’t want to get locked into anything), we don’t require them.

You can use our service month to month.
We just ask that you give us a 30 day notice if you’re going to cancel your account.

The best part of our service is that you still retain 100% control of your page. You can posts, change, or delete anything that hits your page at any time without interfering with our service.

You retain full control of your page.

We’re a stickler for the rules on Facebook and will never do anything that would put your page at risk. 

No, we do not have contracts, unless you one one.  You may cancel at any time by emailing info@wazerlymarketing.com

Our system was created by professionals that are specialized in your business type and was specifically designed so that you wouldn’t need to handpick content.  We do all the work for you, so you can focus on what matters most, taking care of your patients.