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Future-proof your business by building a marketing channel that YOU own.

A list of your best customers you can reach instantly is one of the most valuable assets a local business can own.

With more and more people now preferring the personal touch when it come to interacting with a business, text messaging has emerged as one of the most reliable, cost effective ways to successfully engage and communicate with your best customers on a regular basis.

The number one rule when it comes to marketing is to meet your customers where they are, not where you want them to be. We know your customers are texting, you should be too.

Platform Benefits

We work with you to create a marketing platform for your business that helps build a list of 500-1000 of your best customers in the next 90 days or less.

How can SMS Marketing help
your business?

Reach your customers where they want to be reached.
SMS marketing helps grow your business, reward your loyal customers, and increase offer redemption.

SMS messages have unbeatable open rates
of SMS messages arrive in 2 seconds of being sent
of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes
of people prefer receiving a text over an email
prefer their communications already built into the phone
SMS redemption rates over a physical voucher

Why VIPCustomers Beats All Of Your Other Marketing Efforts…

VIPCustomers Marketing System Is The Best Way To Reach Your Customers And See An Immediate Response… Guaranteed

VIPCustomers helps you build a list of your best customers and promote offers to them on-demand. Test-drive VIPCustomers Now!

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One of the biggest problems most local businesses face is...

the inability to contact your best customers on your own terms.

If you had to get the word out and instantly communicate with your customers, would you be able to?

Native to every cellular phone on the market, SMS opens the door for local businesses to drive additional and repeat sales, month after month, through VIP clubs, offers and promotions.


Building a list of your best customers is one of the most valuable assets you can own.

With more and more people now preferring the personal touch when it comes to interacting with a business, text messaging has emerged as one of the most reliable, cost-effective ways to successfully engage and communicate with your best customers on a regular basis.

SMS text messages have the highest deliverability and response rates across any other marketing method.

Every phone, regardless of service or data plans, can receive text messages instantly.

How The VIPCustomers System Works

VIPCUstomers is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to draw customers to your business.

Step 1

You offer a freebie or small discount encouraging customers to join your “VIP Club” by texting a keyword to a phone number or signing up on your website.

Step 2

Everyone that joins immediately receives a text message with a unique code to claim the offer.

Step 3

Those valued customers are added to your permission-based SMS marketing list.

Step 4

Anytime you want to generate more business, simply send out a text with a VIP offer and code. It will be delivered instantly to everyone in your VIP Club.

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Boost revenue on your slow days, reward loyalty and get your customers to come back more often with your very own SMS VIP Club.
Reach your best customers when they’re hungry and thinking about what they want to eat for lunch or dinner. Remind people to order from your restaurant, reward your best customers on special occasions, and encourage new visits every month.
Happy birthday, Sarah! Bring 2+ friends to Sal’s Pizzeria this week and your meal’s on us! Call 407-584-3671 to book ahead.

SMS Marketing for Fitness

Engage your current members with class timetables and reward customer loyalty with promos and incentives to avoid drop-outs. 

Use SMS marketing to promote seasonal offers, reactivate dormant members, encourage 1-on-1 training, run contests and more. If you take your members for granted and don’t make an effort to engage with them, you could easily lose them to the competition. 

Gemma, all aboard the summer body bandwagon! From now until Friday you can add unlimited tanning to your membership for only $30!

SMS Marketing for Realtors

Deliver instant property information to potential home-buyers wherever they are, whatever time of the day.
The one strategy your agency is missing out on. Send property information to interested buyers instantly as they stand outside their dream house or inform people about new properties that become available before they hit the market.
Thanks for inquiring about 24 Lipton Ave, London. To view the full details on this property visit bit.ly/24lat or call 800-555-8798 to arrange a viewing.

SMS Marketing for Spas & Salons

Strengthen relationships with regular clientele, inform about last-minute openings and promote product upsells.
People love to look and feel their best and your clients want to be rewarded for their loyalty.
Jane, want to win a free Mother’s Day makeover? Reply with the keyword MAKEOVER for a chance to win a full treatment valued at over $250!

SMS Marketing for Medical Professionals

Help generate new patients for your clinic with quick and simple text message ad responses.

Integrate SMS marketing into your lead-generation strategy. Provide new patients with a fast, familiar and non-threatening way to connect. Bridge the gap in your Intake process and CRM. 

Thanks for claiming the 50% Off Teeth Whitening offer, Sandra! Call 416-555-0902 to book your appointment now and mention code: 452153.

SMS Marketing for Florists

Remind your customers about special occasions throughout the year to ensure they never forget to buy flowers for their loved ones
We all need reminding about special occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. An SMS reminder service is a great way to make sure you are the one they order from when the time comes.
Hey Greg, Mothers Day is just around the corner. Order a special bouquet for a loved one from The Flower Shop this weekend and get 20% off.


Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment and join the VIP Club
at our imaginary businesses Demos

But You Run A Restaurant,
Not A Marketing Agency!

You don't have time to learn a whole new software system... or create extra
marketing materials... or train your staff on how to use it...


Don’t Panic!

Ready-To-Go Graphics Fully Branded With Your Logo, Your Colours, Your Image
We provide you and your staff all the tools, resources, and training needed to make your campaigns a success. If this system doesn’t make you a profit within 90 days, you can cancel your service anytime.
“Profit” meaning you’re generating more revenue from using the service than the cost of the service per month.

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